The Importance of Mental Health and the Future of the IT Industry

The unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic sparked an important conversation that people have tried to ignore for decades. If you have any physical issues, you go to the doctor, get medicine, and heal. But what about your mental health? How do you address the anxiety, stress, isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness that might present itself in dire times? How do you maintain the façade of having a perfect work-life balance when your mental peace is in shambles?

Be it a personal circumstance or a work dilemma, people always have their share of trauma. However, the pandemic changed the course of that conversation. Mental health was seriously discussed for the first time, even in the IT industry.

The “Mental Health” Talk

Workers spent months locked in their homes with no social interaction. Zoom calls and emails became the sole source of communication in organizations. The work was and still can be demanding. During the pandemic especially, IT workers spent long hours meeting the demand of clients. How do workers balance this kind of work along with their mental well-being?

It starts with leadership. One of the first steps that a tech leader should take is to have open communication with their team. An understanding leader listens, asks questions, and helps their team adjust their workload if needed.

“As the world of business begins to pick up the pace again, it has never been more pressing to make sure that IT companies take it upon themselves to care for the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees,” said Dave Capper, chief executive at Westfield Health.

Next, organizations should be intentional about reaching out to their employees. They should take action and destigmatize mental health. Here are some examples of what organizations are doing to value their employees’ mental health:

  • Create awareness by establishing guidelines for early identification and support
  • Mental Health Awareness Day
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Organization-wide awareness trainings
  • Weekly one-on-ones with managers
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Encourage social interaction with co-workers
  • Ensure a positive work environment

These are just a few ways an organization can value their employees and cultivate an awareness of the importance of mental health.

As the IT sector is transitioning back to the new norm, companies must consider some factors in the workplace. It’s important to maintain a balance of both work life and personal life. Social interaction with teams is one way to create a healthy work culture as well as positively impact mental health.

What’s next for the IT industry?

It will take some time for the market to recover after the effects of the pandemic. There are larger factors at play now. The US government has given several hints of an upcoming recession. With a lower GDP rate and frozen hiring status in most sectors, what will the future hold? The US economy might witness a recession sooner rather than later as reflected in the recent quarter updates.

Supply chain disruptions contributed to a rise in the price of food, gas, and all the necessities. Just when the market was recovering from the rampage of a virus outbreak, we are heading towards another recession. Additionally, the stock market has taken a dive.

The tech industry is accustomed to witnessing several ups and downs. How will the market survive this time? Companies must balance the demands of the market while keeping their employee’s mental health and their organization’s culture in mind.

People are accustomed to the stress of work. However, destigmatizing mental health and talking openly about this issue is the morale boost that we all need. No matter what the future holds, let’s build a world where mental health is as important as our work.

Now100 prioritizes mental health. We listen and we care. We have an annual mental health day to raise awareness and educate everyone regarding the gravity of the situation. Take a break, go outside, eat, nap, or best, do nothing. In short, take care of yourself.

We would love to know what you think! Drop a comment and let us know your feedback.

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